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49 Atalanta Street has survived over 100 years of history. It’s a testament to the humble paper bag, a husband and wife’s entrepreneurial spirit and a family business at the heart of the community.

A note from the developer

I’m often asked why our developments never have an aspirational moniker.  Something that suggests that by buying from us, purchasers will somehow be transported into a world of street café culture, easy international nonchalance and beautiful friends.

Likewise, is a photo of Tower Bridge or Harrods really truthful in a brochure selling property in Ealing or Fulham?  I believe the actual history and local facilities are so much more interesting and relevant than a wash of adjectives and hyperbole conjuring something and somewhere else.

James Hunt did actually make paper bags, cardboard boxes and ice cream tubs at the property in Atalanta Street for 60 years. So, despite his name being glorified in another more glamorous arena, we felt the original James Hunt’s achievements should be celebrated, not airbrushed out by an over zealous advertising agency.

We have tried to restore as much original fabric as modern regulations allow and offer a very varied collection of light and airy, character apartments. We are great believers in community spirit so have designed as best we can the scheme to allow for informal meeting of neighbours.  We don’t see ourselves as housebuilders but like to think we try harder than most to make nice places to live and work.